The No-Sugar-Added™ │ Low-Sugar-Added™ Revolution
Getting Verified for the No Sugar Added Seal

To qualify for the Verified No Sugar Added / Low Glycemic Load logo, a product needs to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Be a multi-ingredient food product with some carbohydrate
  • Have no sugar added of any type, with a total of 10 grams or less of sugar per serving
  • Have an estimated glycemic load of 10 units or less per serving


Sugars are listed on the Sugars | Sources of Sugar page.

To qualify, your product may have none of the items listed on that page.

In addition, your product may not contain any sugar alcohols or any artificial sweeteners.


To calculate the Estimated Glycemic Load, do the following:

  1. For each ingredient, find that ingredient on the SELF Nutrition Data website, . (For example, to find dried cherries, do a Google search for “dried cherries nutrition data”. Hint: It is often easier to find the ingredient by doing a Google search from outside of the website than it is to find the ingredient once you are in the website.)
  2. In the Serving Size list box, select 100 grams. Note the value displayed in the Estimated Glycemic Load box.

  3. Multiply the number in the Estimated Glycemic Load box by the number of grams per serving of this ingredient in your product. Divide the resulting number by 100. This is the estimated glycemic load for this ingredient in one serving for your product.

  4. Perform steps 1 through 3 for each ingredient.

  5. Add all of the results together to obtain the total estimated glycemic load for one serving of your product.

To qualify, your product must have a total estimated glycemic load of 10 units or less per serving.


If your multi-ingredient food product qualifies by having no sugar added and by having an estimated glycemic load of 10 units or less, do the following:

  • Contact The No-Sugar-Added | Low Sugar Added Revolution at or by calling 925-383-6426. We will discuss your product with you and verify that you qualify for the No Sugar Added / Low Glycemic Load logo.

  • There is a $100.00 fee per product per year for the use of the logo. For 10 to 49 products, the fee is $90.00 per product per year. For 50 to 99 products, the fee is $80.00 per product per year. For 100 or more products, there is a flat fee of $6000.00 per year regardless of the number of products.

  • After your product is verified and you have paid the appropriate fee, you may put the No Sugar Added™ logo on the front of your package, which allows you to get your message out in front, rather than only on the Nutrition Facts label on the back. We will then send you all the files you need in any format that you specify (usually .JPG files will be required by your package designer).

  • There are two options for displaying the No Sugar Added™ logo on your package. You can use the logo by itself. Or you can use the logo with information on sugar content and glycemic load right under the logo.

Low Sugar Added Label
Sugar Added:   0 grams
Sugar Total:     5 grams
Glycemic Load: 5 units
  • When a package (any package) states that the product has “no sugar added”, the FDA requires that you put the following disclaimer somewhere on the package:
*Not a low calorie food: Refer to the Nutrition Facts for sugar and calorie content.