The No-Sugar-Added™ │ Low-Sugar-Added™ Revolution
Sources of Sugar

Sources of Sugar(1)
Sugar Florida Crystals
Sucrose Muscovado Sugar
Cane Sugar Panocha
Evaporated Cane Juice Turbinado Sugar
Cane Juice Crystals Fruit Juice Concentrate
Raw Sugar Honey
Organic Raw Sugar Maple Syrup
Confectioner’s Sugar Glucose
Brown Sugar Dextrose
Golden Sugar Glucose Solids
Golden Syrup Barley Malt Syrup
Yellow Sugar Rice Syrup
Caramel Brown Rice Syrup
Molasses Tapioca syrup
Blackstrap Molasses Oat Syrup
Treacle Oat Syrup Solids
Sorghum Syrup Maltodextrin
Refiner’s Syrup Corn Syrup
Invert Sugar Corn Syrup Solids
Beet Sugar Fructose‡
Coconut Sugar / Coconut Nectar Crystalline Fructose‡
Date Sugar High Fructose Corn Syrup‡
Grape Sugar Agava Syrup or Nectar‡
Barbados Sugar Lactose
Caster Sugar Maltose
Demerara Sugar


‡Fructose and sweeteners high in fructose can be especially harmful because consuming excess fructose can lead to NAFLD.
(1)For an interesting and comprehensive discussion of sugar go to: